Kumburgaz 2009 "UFO/Alien" footage analysis shows 2 Demons & 1 Fallen Angel Watcher MUST SEE !

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Kumburgaz 2009 "UFO/Alien" footage analysis shows 2 Demons (aka "Grey Aliens") & 1 Fallen Angel - A Watcher (something that looks like a Praying Mantis/"Reptilian") ! Amazing ! MUST SEE !

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Analysis of the Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO Videos




This was premiered on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Now, it's released it on YouTube. Richard Shaw does an investigation of the "aliens" on the Kumburgaz UFO footage from 2009, using the master file Dr. Roger Leir gave him before he died. Richard slowed down the action and increased the contrast, showing three, or possibly more "alien beings" on the ship, in action. This is possibly the first time something like this has ever been captured and examined. It is also an interesting study in time dilation, the phenomena that people have experienced known as missing time may be due to how two time-space domains interact with each other. Narrator: Steve Freedman

No fake 3D animation was involved, or other form of computer trickery. Richard takes you through the steps he used to see "the aliens". And yes, it's a little creepy.

Then, we watch as Fausto Perez calls down "an entity" as three people with HD cameras capture the action.

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