Novak Djokovic vs Dominic Thiem - Men's Final Trophy Ceremony | Australian Open 2020

Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem's Men's Final trophy ceremony -at Australian Open 2020.

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Marcus Merlin
Marcus Merlin:
I love Novak who shows great mental toughness. Thiem is also my favorite who hits the balls with passion!
Both players are phenomenal. Congrats. 👍
O A:
I love how he gets so little support yet always absolutely dominates the court. Every other player is so supported all around the world and still can’t beat him. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves
Novak always gives a wonderfull speech... great tennis player, wise and humble. True champions! I like federer but its hard to not liking this guy. Congratulation novak👍👍
Tiny Pony -
Tiny Pony -:
In every sports, the strongest game is always the mental game. Congrats Novak!!!
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a fantastic match from both. Congratulations Novak on your 8th Australian Open title.
Maksi Markovic
Maksi Markovic:
We are so Proud of you Novak ❤️🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 and big Respekt to Dominic! Новак Ђоковић је легенда 😊
Novak man. Wow. Some finals he wins dishing out an absolute beat down (AO2019) and some finals he wins with grit and determination after looking like he is exhausted and down and out (AO2020). Absolute Mamba Mentality.
Akshat Kamat
Akshat Kamat:
The mental fortitude and perseverance of Novak is insane. Coming back after being 2 sets down and the crowd supporting Dominic like that is absolutely deserving of a title imo.
Congrats Novak, you are just incredible ! Such a fighting spirit and kind heart ! Thanks so much for inspiring us ❤️ You will break all records that remain !
Milan Suleic
Milan Suleic:
The reigning defending undisputed Australian open champion Novak Djokovic ! 🇷🇸💪
Only one word for Thiem : Respect 👍
Sokole, sto te vise mrze mi te vise volimo. 🙏❤🎾🏆🦅🇷🇸
3 Minute Poetry Analysis
3 Minute Poetry Analysis:
Since 2010, Novak has been the best player.
17 Grand Slam Titles👍🏆 well done Novak😊 congrats to Dominic also what a great performance you've shown, looking forward to your 1st GS title💪
dragan zivkovic
dragan zivkovic:
Novak the first player in history to win a Grand Slam in three different decades! Kobe Bryant was right and the West has to accept that. Nole Bravoo..
Congrats to Novak, he definitely showed his champion form in this match.....I hope Thiem doesn't get disheartened and just take this loss as experience in a champioship game, and make his play solid in the next Grand Slam events..
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes:
He is No1, one and only Novak Djokovic!!! 💪🏆❤️🍀👍🎉🤸‍♂️🇷🇸🙏🚀♨️!!!!!!!
Paddy Lewis
Paddy Lewis:
I’m here just to see him set a record and lift that trophy AGAIN. KING of Melbourne
The Gentleman Cave
The Gentleman Cave:
I love both of them ❤️❤️❤️ They both have amazing character and kind heart to humanity 💎💎 Legit Players
LM10 Vamos
LM10 Vamos:
He beat the WHOLE ARENA ...AGAIN!!!!..
JP Gonzales
JP Gonzales:
Both players are so amazing! Big congratulations to Novak for defending his title and for Thiem you’ve done such an amazing job through this tournament I am sure that time will come you will be the next to hold that trophy.❤️🎉
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
With this GS title Djokovic became the first and so far only tennis player to win GS titles across three decades.
lubowa julie
lubowa julie:
Congratulations Djokovic we proud of you djoker...great love from the pearl of Africa
Djokovic is going to be the most successful tennis player in history when he retires surpassing Federer and Nadal.
Sabyasachi G
Sabyasachi G:
What a fighter Novak is.
Robert Star
Robert Star:
Well done to Thiem for making the match competitive. As for Novak, congrats on No.8 AO!

He is truly a Master Player and when he brings out his A game, no one has ever reached a higher level or played more clutch.

I love it when he uses his down the line shots, and loved that smash from outside the court - reminded me of the one Zeverev made against Them - a joy to watch!
Tijana Vucak
Tijana Vucak:
Uvek Mislim da bolje ne mozes ti me uvek iznenadis.. sreco nasa!!!
Our pride and joy!!! Bravo Nole!!!❤️🍀
Lena Widegren
Lena Widegren:
Well done Dominic. You are a hardworking young man! All the luck to you !
Grant Tan
Grant Tan:
congrats to both great players..Thiem needs more growth with this and be more powerful in future..
An Interesting Man with Multiple Ideas
An Interesting Man with Multiple Ideas:
Novak always present best speech not only in tennis world but also in human's world. The best ambassador for tennis. You are the best! Not only your tennis skills, but also other skills beyond tennis! Support Novak!
F. Mans
F. Mans:
No one is gonna stop djokovic at Australian open it’s his kingdom like Rafa at Roland Garros
I’m just waiting for Wimbledon and us open every year
suneth hettiarachchi
suneth hettiarachchi:
Wow Djokovic what a match .I became a tennis fan because of you in last year AO.but in this year AO you make me a super fan 😘😘😘
Norman Osborn
Norman Osborn:
Thiem: leads 2:1 in sets.
Djokovic: Son, you are about to get RESPECTED.
Jackie Zarr
Jackie Zarr:
Novak is a class act!
Marlo gorg
Marlo gorg:
Thiem is just a amazing player, I feel bad for him. But if he plays like this again, he will win a grand slam for sure.
Kiran Chintapalli
Kiran Chintapalli:
Great speech by both players.
Gaurav Buche
Gaurav Buche:
You fought valiantly tonight, Domi!! Keep it up. Many congratulations Nole!! You are unbelievable!!
Iorwuese Ali
Iorwuese Ali:
In as much as I'm not his fan I love his mental fortitude/Stabilty. This is his biggest weapon and any hardwork hinge on this quality will always take you places.
Roger will always look back at his Wimbledon loss last year as the one he'll live with for rest of his life (the one that gotta away) and this year's semis as a dèja vu.
Congrats Novak.
From a #RogerFan.
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Dominic is a great guy, wish him a few GS in his career, his prime Just began.
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
Great champs, Novak and Dominic. Well done guys.
liu toby
liu toby:
Novak. Super. His winning means big3 never dies yet.
I know Dominic through this AO open. I'm so happy to know this great player. Although He didn't win, I hope to he will win grand slam. Thanks to DT&ND for amazing final match.
thuy thuan
thuy thuan:
Colette Paré
Colette Paré:
You did it Novak! Mamba is cheering ❤️ 🎾 🏀 ❤️🏀🎾❤️🏀🎾
Anita Rakic
Anita Rakic:
Bravo Novak! ❤❤❤
mansoor akhtar
mansoor akhtar:
Great effort from both players really love to see sportsman like these ,both played a wonderful game a day on which one player is to win and one to lose but tennis is always the winner
What a speach by Novak , great sportsman great person , legend!!!!
Rudy Soobaroyen
Rudy Soobaroyen:
Great speech Novak! Congratulations on your 17th grand slam title. God bless you.
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez:
So sorry for Thiem! Great match!

Congratulations to Nole!

He is a beast on the tennis court!
Stavros Sarris
Stavros Sarris:
Well said Dominic... Well said Novak...
sakshi pal
sakshi pal:
Novak is a perfect example of perseverance and hard work in our era. ✌🤙💙
lingkon ahmed
lingkon ahmed:
The real GOAT..go and smashed all record.
ly arro
ly arro:
Congratulations to the Grand Slam Champion,of cource to You,SUERNOVAK ! ❤❤❤
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic:
I like that guy's "Serbia against the world" t shirt.
mauimaui m.
mauimaui m.:
congratulations to both players! Thiem for great improvement and growth. I can't wait to see you winning your maiden slam and more slams in the future, you deserve it.. and to Djokovic, who is undoubtedly the greatest champion of AO, well done. you deserve to be #1 again, congrats for winning your 8th AO title and 17th GS overall.. And the 1st player in the Open Era to win GS titles in 3 different decades. Amazing accomplishment! Keep winning and breaking records!...
Jane Hyrdlicka is a very eloquent lady! Great awards presentation speech. Last but not least, congrats to Novak on his record 8th Aussie!
ALaa Mg
ALaa Mg:
What’s that Stability in performance and quiet from Novak I think this was road to win in this final on the hardest Thiem performance so hard luck thiem I know you will come back next year to win this Ao, congratulations Novak you are N1 now 👏🎾🏆
congratulations to Novak. Theim was so near yet so far, Tough to swallow this one and heartbreak for me too.
Maryam Habib
Maryam Habib:
I was really rooting for Theim actually and in the 3rd set i thought he had it. But really i feel for him. The look on his face says he is disappointed for sure but i hope he takes the good from this tournament. In the end Nole was dominant. Congratulations
Bunthy Kong
Bunthy Kong:
You deserve it, Novak! Congratulations!
Atharva Thatte
Atharva Thatte:
Thiem didn't let me down.I was hoping for atleast 4 sets but Djokovic needed 5! I think credit is Thiem's no player would have played like that. Despite it was his first Australian open final it didn't seemed like it is. Djokovic was obvious favourite but we had a Dream Final!
m m
m m:
Ann Moses
Ann Moses:
Strong heart felt words from Novak on behave of Kobe Bryant, daughter & all of the victims of the crash. It was so emotional. Paying his respects publicly with KB 8/24 & Heart on his jersey spoke volumes.
X Otis
X Otis:
I love Thiem. I love his tenis!! Always support you!
Anca Bartes
Anca Bartes:
Well done Novak - you still need to have patience Thiem
Srbin Srbin
Srbin Srbin:
BRAVOOOOO SRBINE 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Fernando Calou
Fernando Calou:
meus dois favoritos, pena que um tem ganhar, gostaria que hj tivesse sido o Thien, fazer o que o Djoko é fenomenal
Small Bambuipikin
Small Bambuipikin:
Just when I was congratulating Dominic that he had finally made his first GS breakthrough, Novak like the legend he is rallied from 2 - 1 to win the game. Congratulations Novak.
Simić Luka
Simić Luka:
17x Grand slam
8x Australian open
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
I was rooting for thiem cause i wanted to see a new grand slam winner! I love this Guy....he was so close next time thiem ans congrats novak
I've now become Djokovic Fan too... Perceived HIS Greatness. Now I am Fan of Big 3 (Novak, Rafa,Roger). They make Tennis a Great Sport. Hail the Kings of Tennis🙌🙌🙌
Athena Claire
Athena Claire:
What a humble man Djokovic Congratulations you deserved it! Good luck on Thiem, more power next time! 👊👏👏
kristina milovic
kristina milovic:
Novak Djokovic = King of Australia!!! 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Steve Lily
Steve Lily:
CONGRATULATIONS on the 8th AO Nole!!!
You are Compassionate, Intelligent, Disciplined, Fair... Exciting, Passionate,...... Funny, Interesting, Interested....Charitable, Big (HUGE) Hearted.....

Novak Djokovic, we, Your fans, CHERISH You in our hearts...and we are grateful ...for your very existence.
God Bless You Nole, our Dear Champion.
Forever The Champion of our Hearts. LOVE You Nole.
N T:
I am a Novak fan but I understand why almost everyone in Rod Laver is rooting for Thiem. They want Thiem to get his first GS title but as long as the Big 3 is still playing I don’t think there would be passing of reins.
Khristy NK
Khristy NK:
Congratulations Nole I was rooting for you... Respect😊
I was losing hope during the third set but you proved yourself as a force to reckon with..
You bounced back like a champ..
Dominic you played so well too
Besides his little tantrum over the time violation (Roger and Rafa themselves also have issues with umpires and if you're going to get mad at Novak then also get mad at those two), Novak excelled today and showed to never doubt him at the AO. So happy for you Novak. Keep shining and winning. Kobe would've been so proud!
Prakash Rajamohan
Prakash Rajamohan:
Huge love from Singapore. You are simply unbelievable. You have yet again proved you are the king of tennis.
Congratulations and many more grand slams ahead!!!
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
THATS WHY HE IS THE REAL GOAT, he learn from his loose against wawrunka french open 2015 and nadal french open 2013
obrenovac obrenovic
obrenovac obrenovic:
Novak is legend
Novak is true champion and amazing person. Huge respect for Dominic. Nice, respectful guy. Živio nam Nole! Idemoooo!
Helen TeHira
Helen TeHira:
Firstly Congratulations to Novak Djokovic for a magnificent comeback from an almost certain defeat. Dominic looked to have you down and out BUT then I was reminded of your grit, determination and just badass skill in the game of trophies, once again. I know, i felt the weight of the majority crowd, the antagonistic lack of acknowledgement over their obvious support for Thiem.
I'll never understand that phenomenom especially accorded you Novak, now an 8th time champion there.
Btw Thiem is a great player and was on the brink of achieving his first GS title but couldn't find that extra push to regain ascendency. Something for him to work on eh. He was bested by better discipline and determination.
I admit,My favourite won but would've had no resentments if Thiem had won either. That's tennis it's all good.
Thank you for the grand you won me today Djokovic, back to number 1 in the world!!!!
Jakob Dering
Jakob Dering:
Haters: booooo
Nole: 🏆🖕
.... love that man 👍
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker:
Such great messages in the end. My full respect. ♥
thuy thuan
thuy thuan:
I can't believe people think that Djokovic used doping during medical time out. People hate him just because he will surprass their idols, everything else is excuse.
Economics world
Economics world:
Both are just great Personalities...I wish both of them have many more GS Finals... Wish you best of Luck
R S:
Best speech ever, Novak. Salute!!
Miroslav Kaiowas Lukin
Miroslav Kaiowas Lukin:
Nole its just mentaly unbeatable !!!
Nole legendo nasa! srpski ponos! GOAT.
Sandeep Naik
Sandeep Naik:
Wow saw full match nole just fighting👊💥 love from India🇮🇳
tolits castillo
tolits castillo:
Resilience! That's his name. Congratulations @novakdjokovic you are and will always be our Champion. Much respect from your fans here in the Philippines.
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Gran juego y gran torneo realizar los 2 pero se impuso la jerarquía de Nole conseguir su 8 título felicidades bendiciones éxitos
Oge Okoli
Oge Okoli:
Congratulations to you Novak and Thiem respect to you u were so good.
When the real goat speaks, the world listens.
Andre Dinhus
Andre Dinhus:
Very classy and inspirational speech by Djokovic!
Milan Kostić
Milan Kostić:
13-0 W-L this year, among whose were wins against:
Medvedev #4, Nadal #1 at ATP Cup and Federer #3 and Thiem #5 at AO.
Perfect form this month really and completely deserved to return back to the #1
Congrats on 8. AO title and now rest well!
kencilly kamanga
kencilly kamanga:
Thiem his in Novak fan but I wouldn't have minded if Thiem won .his been playing fantastic tennis all week. Thanks Novak for winning u have just saved my headache
Jf Hdi
Jf Hdi:
Thanks to Dominic for your good tennis and good fight. Novak you are the best. Congrats to your 8th Australian champinkship.

I really admire your mental strength to handle the rude crowd in the Arena. Your classy act toward the rude crowd has impressed me and make me like you more as a person . I"m sure I will see you hold some more GS in the future.